Hyper Converged Infrastructure

A hyper converged infrastructure is an infrastructure model that utilizes a software-centric architecture and has a tight integration with the storage, networking, computing and virtualization software and hardware resources. A hyper-converged infrastructure enables the management of all the integrated resources from a single common toolset.

  • Some of the benefits of using a hyper-converged infrastructure are:

    • Elasticity – It provides better scalability.
    • VM-centricity – A virtual-machine-focused development or workload is given more importance.
    • Data protection – Data loss is reduced and data recovery is made easier.
    • VM Mobility – Application and workload mobility is made easier.
    • High availability
    • Data efficiency – It reduces storage, bandwidth and IOPS requirements.
    • Cost efficiency – It reduces wastage of resources and increases cost effectiveness.

A hyper converged infrastructure aims to eliminate organizational silos and better manage virtual workloads.

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