Structured Cabling

The structured cabling is the only one that needs to be installed to contend with the needs of telephone and data communications now and in the future. It is a system that provides a very "structured" approach to the entire cabling system—a single-mixed media network that handles all information traffic like voice, data, video, and building management systems. In brief, it could be described as a system that comprises a set of transmission products, applied to engineering design rules that allow the user to apply voice, data, and signals in a manner that maximizes data rates.

Structured cabling divides the entire infrastructure into manageable blocks and then integrates these blocks to produce the high-performance networks.

Cito has been designing and implementing structured cabling systems and other network infrastructure elements for the Enterprise, Government & Educational Institutions. Our teams have experience and expertise in all elements of design and implementation.

With structured cabling systems designed and implemented by Cito, you get a network infrastructure that allows you to run todays applications at optimum performance levels.

We have well defined service management processes to ensure smooth and timely delivery.

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We provide comprehensive solutions for the enterprise computing

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We provide comprehensive solutions for the enterprise computing